COCHRAN, GA – Tyler Sanders of Cochran, GA kept the big money at home Saturday night with a win in Night 2 of the Cochran Clash for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series at Cochran Motor Speedway.  Sanders took the lead on the opening lap, and led all 50 tours to pick up the $3,000 top prize in the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Winter Shoot finale.


               Sanders had to hold off held off a late race challenge from Jimmy Elliott of Cleveland, TN, but a late-race caution flag slowed Elliott’s momentum.  Sanders was able to pull away in the last nine laps of the race in the H.C. Rowland Trucking Capital, and take a .741 second margin of victory under the checkered flag and his first career Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series win.


               “Man this is excellent, as I never expected to win it because this weekend was my first time in a Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Model,” Sanders said.  “My crew signaled to me that somebody was right on me late in the race, and I didn’t know who it was.  I was just trying to take it easy, so I quit trying to save tires and went for it.”


               The defending Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series National Champion Ashton Winger of Hampton, GA finished second in the Keyser Manufacturing Rocket for his second top three finish of the weekend. 


Elliott ended up third in the Car Smart Auto Sales Special.  Elliott may have lost the battle, but he won the war by picking up his second straight Durrence Layne Chevrolet Winter Shootout Series Championship.


               Jake Knowles came from the tenth starting spot in the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Special and finished fourth.  Knowles dusted off the top shelf of Cochran Motor Speedway and ran as high as third by lap 28.  That earned the second-generation driver the VP Racing Lubricants Slick Move of the Race Award.


               Drew Kennedy of Lancing, TN was the Hard Charger of the Race after starting 12th in the Schubert Monument Sales Rocket and finishing fifth.  Travis Pennington of Stapleton, GA was sixth in the U.S. Duffie Hauling Special, coming back from a mid-race pit stop to change a cut tire, and Pearson Lee Williams of Dublin, GA took the seventh spot in the Dublin Tire Special.


               Jody Knowles of Tyrone, GA finished eighth in the Clayton Signs Rocket, and Todd Hurst of Lineville, AL was ninth in the Hurst Construction Rocket.  Joseph Brown of Columbus, GA rounded out the top ten in the Lewis Auto Sales Rocket.


               In preliminary action, Jimmy Thomas of Phenix City, AL was the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Fast Qualifier for the second straight night with a lap around Cochran Motor Speedway in 15.082 seconds in the Jenwood, Inc. Special.  The ten-lap B-Main Race was won by Wil Herrington of Hawkinsville, GA in the Middle Georgia Roofing CVR.


               Thomas led the field into the first turn from pole position to start the race, and contact was made between Thomas and the outside front row starter Winger in turn two.  That opened the door for Sanders to take the lead from his fourth starting spot.  Sanders led lap one followed by Winger, Thomas, Elliott, and Riley Hickman of Cleveland, TN in the Hickman Manufacturing CVR.


               The first of four caution flags came out on lap four when Colby Boyett of Bainbridge, GA in the Circle B Contracting Rocket sailed off the banking in turn four.  Sanders lined up for the Dixie-Style Double-File Restart with Winger, Thomas, Hickman, Elliott, Pennington, Jake Knowles, Corey Dunn of Milledgeville, GA in the Georgia Timber CVR, Brown, and Williams doubled up behind him in second through tenth respectively.


               Elliott got by Hickman for fourth on the restart and Knowles moved up to the fifth spot on six.  One lap later, Knowles stepped to the outside groove, and pulled even with Elliott to battle side-by-side for the fourth position.


               Sanders caught the cars on the tail of the lead lap by the 15th circuit.  Knowles worked his way past Elliott for fourth, and kept his momentum on the high side to move up and challenge Thomas for the third spot on lap 19.  The second caution flag of the race came out on lap 22 when Hickman slowed on the speedway.


               Hickman went to the pits for the night as Sanders readied for the double-file restart with Winger, Thomas, Knowles, Elliott, Dunn, Williams, Kennedy, Herrington, and Hurst doubled up behind him.  When the green light came back on, Dunn went from sixth to fourth, but had Knowles on his outside battling for the position.


               Dunn was done of the night on lap 26 when he headed for the pit area under green.  The yellow caution bulb did refire on lap 27 when Pennington slowed on the track with a cut tire.  The top ten for the double-file restart was Sanders, Winger, Thomas, Jake Knowles, Elliott, Williams, Kennedy, Jody Knowles, Herrington, and Parker Martin of McIntyre, GA in the Vaden Automotive Special.


               After the restart, Jake Knowles got by Thomas for the third spot on lap 28, but the man on the move was Elliott.   The Mohawk Warrior passed Thomas for fourth on lap 29, and then got by Knowles for third on lap 33.  One lap later, Elliott passed Winger for second, and then took off after Sanders, who had a half straightaway lead.


               Sanders caught lapped traffic on lap 37, and Elliott reeled in the leader.  Elliott was running lap times a half a second faster than Sanders.  Elliott was right on the leader’s back bumper, but a caution flag slowed the field when Shane Riner of Guyton, GA stalled the Lawn Products Rocket in turn two.


               The double-file restart for the nine-lap dash to the finish saw Sanders leading Elliott, Winger, Jake Knowles, Kennedy, Williams, Jody Knowles, Hurst, Thomas, Pennington, and Martin down to the green flag.  Winger got by Elliott to reclaim the second spot, but Sanders was pulling away.  By lap 48, Sanders had an eight car-length advantage over Winger.


               The next stop for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series will be the 2019 season opener for the National Tour with the Rumble On The Gumbo at Greenville Speedway in Greenville, MS on April 5 and 6.  The April 5 show will be a $2,000-to-win 40-lap race, and the April 6 event will be $2,500-to-win and 50-laps.


For more information and rules about the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site at, or visit the series on Facebook at Durrence Layne Racing.  You can follow us on Twitter @DurrenceLayneRacing.




POS       STRT    CAR #   DRIVER                             HOMETOWN                   LAPS     $ WON
1.            4             21           Tyler Sanders                   Cochran, GA                     50           $3,000
2.            2             12           Ashton Winger                 Senoia, GA                         50           $1,250
3.            3             J39        Jimmy Elliott                    Cleveland, TN                   50           $850
4.            10           66           Jake Knowles                   Rome, GA                          50           $700
5.            12           K37       Drew Kennedy                  Lancing, TN                      50           $650
6.            7             01           Travis Pennington           Stapleton, GA                   50           $550
7.            14           121        Pearson Lee Williams     Dublin, GA                         50           $500
8.            9             66k        Jody Knowles                   Tyrone, GA                       50           $450
9.            15           H2          Todd Hurst                        Lineville, AL                     50           $400
10.          8             92           Joseph Brown                   Columbus, GA                  50           $375
11.          1             22           Jimmy Thomas                 Phenix City, AL                50           $350
12.          17           6jr         Parker Martin                  McIntyre, GA                   50           $300
13.          18           6             Clay Harris                       Jupiter, FL                        50           $280
14.          13           02           Tyler Turvin                     Ochlocknee, GA                              50           $260
15.          19           07           Cage Griffin                      Folkston, GA                     48           $250
16.          16           6r           Shane Riner                       Guyton, GA                       38           $250
17.          11           14           Wil Herrington                Hawkinsville, GA             26           $250
18.          6             21d        Corey Dunn                       Milledgeville, GA             24           $250
19.          5             R1          Riley Hickman                 Cleveland, TN                   20           $250
20.          20           04           Colby Boyett                     Bainbridge, GA                12           $250


LAP LEADER:  Sanders, 1-50
HARD CHARGER OF THE RACE AWARD:  Kennedy (started 12th and finished 5th)
TIME OF THE RACE:  32 Minutes and 18.988 Seconds


1 22 Jimmy Thomas Phenix City, AL Scorpion 15.082
2 12 Ashton Winger Hampton, GA Rocket 15.190
3 J39 Jimmy Elliott Cleveland, TN Longhorn 15.356
4 21 Tyler Sanders Cochran, GA Capital 15.375
5 R1 Riley Hickman Cleveland, TN CVR 15.394
6 21d Corey Dunn Milledgeville, GA CVR 15.419
7 01 Travis Pennington Stapleton, GA Longhorn 15.448
8 92 Joseph Brown Columbus, GA Rocket 15.472
9 66k Jody Knowles Tyrone, GA Rocket 15.496
10 66 Jake Knowles Rome, GA Longhorn 15.515
11 H2 Todd Hurst Lineville, AL Rocket 15.518
12 14 Wil Herrington Hawkinsville, GA CVR 15.548
13 02 Tyler Turvin Ochlocknee, GA Longhorn 15.558
14 K37 Drew Kennedy Lancing, TN Rocket 15.562
15 121 Pearson Lee Williams Dublin, GA Black Diamond 15.720
16 6 Clay Harris Jupiter, FL Rocket 15.757
17 6jr Parker Martin McIntyre, GA Longhorn 15.906
18 6r Shane Riner Guyton, GA Rocket 15.909
19 07 Cage Griffin Folkston, GA Mastersbilt 16.145
20 04 Colby Boyett Bainbridge, GA Rocket 16.621


B-MAIN – 10 LAPS:  1. Herrington; 2. Kennedy; 3. Turvin; 4. Williams; 5. Hurst; 6. Riner: 7. Martin; 8. Harris; 9. Griffin; 10. Boyett.




  1. J39 Jimmy Elliott – 492
    2. 66 Jake Knowles – 440
    3. 6 Clay Harris – 396
    4. K37 Drew Kennedy – 378
    5. 14 Wil Herrington – 374
    6. H2 Todd Hurst – 368
    7. 12 Ashton Winger – 348
    8. 66k Jody Knowles – 308
    9. 87 Walker Arthur – 300
    10. 40b Kyle Bronson – 292
    11. 2 Nick Hoffman – 276
    12. 6jr Parker Martin – 262
    13. 7 Shannon Davis – 256
    14. 17 Logan Roberson – 254
    15. 58 Tyler Clem – 252
    16. 27 Derrick Shaw – 234
    17. 30 Todd Cooney – 222
    18. 11m Megan Rae – 196
    19. 7a Corey Almond – 186
    20. 01 Travis Pennington – 184



Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Claxton, GA is the Title Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models and the Pacesetter Award Sponsor at Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series events.  Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is one of the nation’s top GM Powertrain and Performance Dealers, with free delivery anywhere in the Southeast.  Chevrolet Performance Parts is an Official Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models.  Hoosier Racing Tire is the Official Tire Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models.  VP Racing Fuels and Lubricants is the Official Race Fuel and Lubricant of the Durrence Layne Late Models, sponsor of the VP Lubricants Starting Box, and the VP Lubricants Smooth Move of the Race Award at Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series events.  Knowles Race Parts and Bodies is the Official Parts Supplier for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models and the Fast Qualifier Sponsor at National Touring events.  David Smith Carburetors is the Official Carburetor of Durrence Layne Racing.  Fullmoon Graphics is the Official Wrap, Banner, and Sign Company of Durrence Layne Racing.  Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Model Contingency Sponsors for 2019 are Knowles Racing Parts and Bodies, and Fullmoon Graphics.  2019 Chassis Sponsors are Warrior Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, GRT Race Cars, and CVR Race Cars.