TUSCUMBIA, AL – Jake Knowles of Rome, GA drove the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Longhorn to his fifth Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series win of the season on Friday night at North Alabama Speedway.  Knowles took the lead on lap 24 and then held off a late-race challenge from Wil Herrington of Hawkinsville, GA to score the $2,000 victory in the 40-lap event.


               “This race track was race friendly tonight, just like it is every time we come here,” Knowles said.  “I could run just about anywhere I wanted to, and I think we learned some things tonight that will help us tomorrow night.  We’re got a good string of wins and a second-place thrown in there at this track, which is one of my favorite places to race.”


               Knowles is the defending champion of the King of the Crates, which is a $5,000-to-win race to be contested on Saturday night for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series at North Alabama Speedway.


               Herington came from the tenth starting spot to finish second in the Middle Georgia Roofing CVR, and he was also the Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Race.  Christian Hanger of Winchester, TN raced in the top five all race long, and took third by a bumper in the Hanger Racing CVR.


               Josh Putnam of Florence, AL put on a show at North Alabama Speedway with a spectacular fourth-place finish in the Putnam Racing Special.  Putnam came from outside the top ten on a lap 11 restart and moved up to the fifth spot.  That earned Putnam the VP Racing Lubricants Slick Move of the Race Award.  His run from 15th to fourth earned Putnam the Knowles Race Parts Hard Charger Award.


               Polesitter Tyler Wood of Hohenwald, TN led the first 23 laps of the race and ended up fifth in the Johns Farms Special.  Cruz Skinner of Oxford, AL drove the Skinner’s Body Shop Special to a sixth-place finish, and Seth McCormack of Muscle Shoals, AL was seventh in the McCormack Marine Construction Rocket to earn the Fullmoon Graphics “Lucky 7” Award.


               Grant Garrison of Walton, KY took the eighth spot in the Darrell Lanigan Racing Special, and ninth went to Mitchell Holloway of Muscle Shoals, AL in the 4-M Services Special.  Matt Cooper of McKenzie, TN rounded out the top ten in the Cooper Trucking Rocket.


               In preliminary action, Wood out-timed the 34-car field in Boyd Built Fabrication Group Qualifying with a lap around North Alabama Speedway in 14.283 seconds.  The two 12-lap KRC Power Steering B-Main Races were won by Garrison and Herrington.


               Hanger took the lead at the drop of the green flag from his outside front row starting spot followed by Wood, Knowles, Holloway, and Brock Hall of Etheridge, TN in the Hall Insurance Rocket.  A caution flag for debris on the first lap slowed the field, as they realigned for a complete restart. 


The second green flag saw Wood take the lead followed by Hanger, Knowles, Holloway and Hall.  The defending Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Model Weekly Racing Series National Champion Evan Ellis of Plantersville, MS parked his Ellis Welding Special in the infield on lap three to earn the Keyser Manufacturing Hard Luck Award.


The second caution flag of the race came out on lap 11 when T.J. Brittain of Centre, AL in the Brittain Hauling Warrior and Steve Russell of Pontotoc, MS in the Steele’s Dive Special tangled in turn two.  Wood had Hanger, Knowles, Holloway, Hall, Herrington, McCormack, Cooper, Oakley Johns of Hohenwald, TN in the Johns Farms Special and Garrison doubled up behind him in second through tenth respectively for the Dixie-Style Double-File Restart.


The action was fast and furious on the restart with wholesale position changes.  Knowles sailed around the outside of Hanger to take over the second spot, Herrington came from sixth to fourth, and Putnam came from out of nowhere and into fifth.  Knowles kept chipping away at Wood’s lead for the next dozen laps.


On lap 22, the lead duo exchanged slide jobs in turns three and four, with Wood keeping the lead at the start-finish line.  On lap 24, Knowles charged ahead coming off turn four to take the lead.  Once he was on the point, Knowles started to pull away from the field. 


As Knowles approached the cars on the tail end of the lead lap on the 30th circuit, Herrington was on the move.  Herrington got by Hanger for third on lap 30.  With five to go, Herrington moved up to the second spot by passing Wood.  As Knowles was about to receive the white flag signaling one lap to go, Brittain stalled on the front straightway to bring out the caution.


That completely changed the complexion of the race.  Knowles would restart in the lead with Herrington, Wood, Hanger, Putnam, Holloway, McCormack, Garrison, Skinner, and Johns doubled up behind him in the top ten.  It would be a green, white, checkered finish.


The most serious accident of the race occurred on the restart when Hall sailed off the outside of the race track in turn one.  Hall hit an SUV pack car and a tree before his race car came to a stop.  Hall exited his race car under his own power and walked to the ambulance for evaluation.  The VP Race Fuels Young Guns Challenge Series point leader was released uninjured.


               Knowles was able to pull away on the restart while Herrington and Wood battled for second.  Herrington cleared Wood, then Hanger and Putnam moved up to challenge for the third spot.  Knowles took the checkered flag followed by Herrington.  Hanger just edged Putnam for the third spot, and Wood rounded out the top five.


               The Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series returns to North Alabama Speedway on Saturday night for the $5,000-to-win 60-lap 3rd Annual King of the Crates.  King Jake II is ready, willing, and able to defend his crown.


For more information and rules about the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site at, or visit the series on Facebook at Durrence Layne Racing.  You can follow us on Twitter @DurrenceLayneRacing.




POS       STRT    CAR #   DRIVER                             HOMETOWN                   $ WON
1.            4             66           Jake Knowles                   Rome, GA                          $2,000
2.            10           14           Wil Herrington (R)         Hawkinsville, GA             $1,000
3.            2             29           Christian Hanger             Winchester, TN                $700
4.            15           212        Josh Putnam                     Florence, AL                     $550
5.            1             17jr       Tyler Wood                       Hohenwald, TN                 $500
6.            13           11           Cruz Skinner (R)             Oxford, AL                        $425
7.            5             s4           Seth McCormack             Muscle Shoals, AL           $375
8.            9             1             Grant Garrison                Walton, KY                       $350
9.            3             4m         Mitchell Holloway           Muscle Shoals, AL           $325
10.          7             18           Matt Cooper                     McKenzie, TN                   $300
11.          11           94           Jordan Hedger                 Crittenden, KY                 $275
12.          12           C6          Oakley Johns                    Hohenwald, TN                 $250
13.          14           713        Ben Brocato                      Muscle Shoals, AL           $225
14.          23           87           Jake Rainey (R/YG)        Hiram, GA                         $200
15.          21           69           Mike Henn                         Muscle Shoals, AL           $200
16.          24           C66        Donald Johns                    Summertown, TN             $200
17.          22           19           Marcus Minga                  Shannon, MS                     $200
18.          18           05           T.J. Brittain                      Centre, AL                         $200
19.          6             B87        Brock Hall                         Ethridge, TN                     $200
20.          20           72           Steve Russell                     Pontotoc, MS                    $200
21.          16           B44        Grayson Brewer                             Lawrenceburg, TN          $200
22.          17           R1          Riley Hickman                 Cleveland, TN                   $200
23.          19           28           Justin Maxwell                 Spring Hill, TN                 $200
24.          8             73           Evan Ellis                          Plantersville, MS             $200


BOYD BILT FAST QUALIFIER:  Wood, 14.283 Seconds
PROVISIONALS:  Rainey and D. Johns

LAP LEADERS:  1-23, Wood; 24-40, Knowles

LAPS LED:  Wood, 23; Knowles, 17
KNOWLES RACE PARTS HARD CHARGER:  Putnam (started 15th and finished 4th)
KRC HEAT RACE WINNER AWARDS:  Garrison and Herrington
NEXT EVENT:  October 5, $5,000-to-win, 60 Laps, North Alabama Speedway, Tuscumbia, AL


BOYD BUILT FABRICATORS GROUP QUALIFYING (Top 4 From Each Group Transfer To Main Event):


GROUP 1:        
1 17jr Tyler Wood Hohenwald, TN Pierce 14.283
2 4m Mitchell Holloway Muscle Shoals, AL Mastersbilt 14.492
3 S4 Seth McCormack Muscle Shoals, AL Rocket 14.587
4 18 Matt Cooper McKenzie, TN Rocket 14.649
5 1 Grant Garrison Walton, KY Club 29 14.691
6 94 Jordan Hedger Crittenden, KY Club 29 14.877
7 11 Cruz Skinner – R Oxford, AL Capital 14.886
8 69 Mike Henn Muscle Shoals, AL GRT 14.913
9 R1 Riley Hickman Cleveland, TN Savage 14.925
10 212 Josh Putnam Florence, AL Chupp 14.973
11 28 Justin Maxwell Spring Hill, TN Warrior 15.022
12 64 Braden Mitchell Russellville, AL Rocket 15.027
13 22 Chad Harrah Primm Springs, TN Longhorn 15.051
14 87 Jake Rainey (R-YG) Hiram, GA Capital 15.106
15 H17 Steven Holcomb Santa Fe, TN Mastersbilt 15.218
16 F36 Cale Finley Athens, AL CVR 15.228
17 316 Donovan Henry Muscle Shoals, AL Trak-Star 15.793
GROUP 2:        
1 29 Christian Hanger Winchester, TN CVR 14.298
2 66 Jake Knowles Rome, GA Longhorn 14.473
3 B87 Brock Hall (YG) Ethridge, TN Rocket 14.508
4 73 Evan Ellis Plantersville, MS Club 29 14.533
5 14 Wil Herrington – R Hawkinsville, GA CVR 14.556
6 C6 Oakley Johns Hohenwald, TN Pierce 14.613
7 B44 Grayson Brewer Lawrenceburg, TN Mastersbilt 14.693
8 713 Ben Brocato Muscle Shoals, AL Black Diamond 14.707
9 19 Marcus Minga Shannon, MS Rocket 14.763
10 72 Steve Russell Pontotoc, MS Barry Wright 14.766
11 05 T.J. Brittain Centre, AL Warrior 14.835
12 W7 Greg Wilhite Moulton, AL GRT 15.214
13 C66 Donald Johns Summertown, TN Pierce 15.253
14 7 Dustin Harris Flintville, TN Longhorn 15.296
15 78 Matthew Brocato Muscle Shoals, AL Mastersbilt 15.394
16 1 Jason Markewitz Killen, AL Killer 15.535
17 81 Matt Brazil Red Bay, AL Black Diamond 15.961


KRC POWER STEERING B-MAINS (12 Laps – Top 7 Transfer To Main Event):


               1ST B-MAIN:  1. Garrison; 2. Hedger; 3. Skinner (R); 4. Putnam; 5. Hickman; 6. Maxwell; 7. Henn; 8. Rainey (R-YG); 9. Harrah; 10. Holcomb; 11. Finley; 12. Henry; 13. Mitchell.


               2ND B-MAIN:  1. Herrington (R); 2. O. Johns; 3. B. Brocato; 4. Brewer; 5. Brittain; 6. Russell; 7. Minga; 8. D. Johns; 9. M. Brocato; 10. Brazil; 11. Markewitz; 12. Wilhite; 13. Harris.




  1. 66 Jake Knowles – 1,224
    2. 11 Cruz Skinner (R) – 1,158
    3. 14 Wil Herington (R) – 1,082
    4. C6 Oakley Johns – 1,046
    5. 17jr Tyler Wood – 1,040
    6. 05 T.J. Brittain – 1,000
    7. 19 Marcus Minga – 948
    8. 87 Jake Rainey (R/YG) – 938
    9. C66 Donald Johns – 680
    10. J8 Jadon Frame – 642
    11. 95 Brandon Williams – 556
    12. 29 Christian Hanger – 334
    13. 66k Dylan Knowles – 326
    14. J0 John Ownbey – 324
    15. K5 David Kay – 322


R – Denotes Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Year Candidate
YG – Denotes VP Racing Fuels Young Guns Challenge Series Driver



Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Claxton, GA is the Title Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models and the Pacesetter Award Sponsor at Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series events.  Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is one of the nation’s top GM Powertrain and Performance Dealers, with free delivery anywhere in the Southeast.  Chevrolet Performance Parts is an Official Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models.  Hoosier Racing Tire is the Official Tire Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models.  VP Racing Fuels and Lubricants is the Official Race Fuel and Lubricant of the Durrence Layne Late Models, sponsor of the VP Lubricants Starting Box, and the VP Lubricants Slick Move of the Race Award at Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series events.  Knowles Race Parts and Bodies is the Official Parts Supplier for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Late Models and the Hard Charger Award Sponsor at National Touring events.  Boyd Bilt Fabrication is the Fast Qualifier Sponsor at Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series events.  Keyser Manufacturing is the Hard Luck Award Sponsor at Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series events.  Cruise With The Champions is the Rookie of the Year Sponsors of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  KRC Power Steering is a Heat Race Sponsor for the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  David Smith Carburetors is the Official Carburetor of Durrence Layne Racing.  Fullmoon Graphics is the Official Wrap, Banner, and Sign Company of Durrence Layne Racing.  2019 Chassis Sponsors are Warrior Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, GRT Race Cars, and CVR Race Cars.