Jake Knowles Claims Victory at Camden Speedway, Remains Atop Point Standings

Jake Knowles Claims Victory at Camden Speedway, Remains Atop Point Standings

(Camden, TN) – Durrence Layne Dirt Late Model Series National Touring Points Leader Jake Knowles lead just 3 laps, but they included the one that counted which is the final lap, in route to a $2,500 payday at Camden Speedway in Camden, TN. Knowles was able to get by race long leader Brandon Williams of Crossville, TN after a lap 47 restart where Williams experienced trouble from a earlier incident. Hohenwald Gang member Oakley Johns brought his C6 machine along with Knowles to take the runner-up spot, followed by Spencer Hughes from Meridian, MS in his Team 33 sponsored race car. Justin McRee of Woodstock, AL raced among the top 5 all race long to finish in fourth, and Cruise with the Champions Rookie of the Year point leader Cruz Skinner rounded out the top 5.


Williams got off to a great start on the night by picking up the $100 BoydBilt Fabrication Fast Time Award with a lap time of 15.104 seconds. The top 8 qualifiers were locked into the Main Event with two KRC Power Steering Heat Races to contend and fill the remaining starting grid for the night’s 50 lap feature event. Oakley Johns would pilot his Stewart Farms/Johns Timber sponsored machine to the win in Heat Race 1, while Friday night’s winner Matt Cooper of McKenzie, TN just edged Chase Walls in a thriller for the win in Heat Race 2.


Williams and fellow outside front row starter Jadon Frame would lead the field to green in front of the enthusiastic crowd that roared with “thunder” as the Touring Stars embarked on the 50-lap affair. The caution lights would light up soon for the C66 car of Donald Johns whose evasive action while racing hard would bring him to a stop in the turn 4 infield. The ensuing “Dixie style” double file restart would put Williams out front with a determined Hanger on his back bumper. As the field began to sort out and search for racing room, Spencer Hughes and Matt Cooper were working feverishly back in the pack trying to work the top lane of the racetrack in and make their moves around the outside. With Williams setting a blistering pace he was able to establish a several car length lead on Hanger, but that would soon be erased as they would quickly be entering lapped traffic who were battling a race amongst themselves for position.


This setup what would be a showdown and chess match as Williams began to have to pick a lane to clear the tail end of the field, all while holding Hanger at bay. Hanger was able to pull alongside Williams and eclipse the leader to officially lead lap 10, but contact entering turn 1 and ultimately contact with an infield uke tire would inflict heavy damage on Hanger’s CVR Race Car brining the caution out and ending his night, which unfortunately handed him the Keyser Manufacturing Hard Luck Award.


On the ensuing restart, the buzz began to be that Williams had sustained some cosmetic damage in the hard racing and it appeared that his left front Hoosier Racing Tire might be going down. The field restarted and Williams did not let the possible tire issue hamper as he once again set a fast pace until the 1 machine of Jason Markewitz slowed and exited the speedway. During the caution period for Markewitz there was no longer a question as to if Williams left front was down, as it was obvious under yellow conditions that the tire was flat, but could it hold out to make it to lap 50?

Williams once again set his pace and didn’t appear to allow the left front to slow him from heading to victory lane. The yellow once again flew for the 05 of TJ Brittain as he slowed with trouble in turn 2 on lap 41. The cautions were not what Williams was wanting to see as he had clearly been the fastest car despite the left front damage, and caution periods only further damaged what was already done.


With 41 laps complete the field restarted single file with Williams remaining out front and still not looking as though anything would slow his chances at picking up the win. The caution lights lit for the final time on lap 47 for the 212 of Putnam in turn 4 setting up a three-lap dash to the finish. When the green flag dropped on the restart with Williams entering turn one, the left front damage appeared to rear its head after all the laps completed. Williams entered the corner and the tire had broken from the bead causing Williams to push way out of the groove allowing Knowles, who had worked his way into the second position from his seventh starting spot, to capitalize and take over the lead down the back straightaway. Johns and a host of others were able to take over Williams as he was fledgling and would finally limp home sixth at the checkered flag.


Knowles victory is his fourth of the year with the Durrence Layne Dirt Late Model Series and helped him regain the 10 points back that Cruz Skinner was able to make up on Friday night at Tennessee National Raceway. Knowles remains the point leader with a 54 point advantage over Skinner who is currently second and atop the Rookie of the Year standings with 7 events tentatively remaining on the 2019 Touring schedule.


The next event slated for the Durrence Layne Dirt Late Model Tour is the King of Crate Weekend at North Alabama Speedway in Tuscumbia, AL on October 3-5th. More information will be released regarding the event and it will be one you will not want to miss.


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  1. 66 – Jake Knowles
  2. C6 – Oakley Johns
  3. 11 – Spencer Hughes
  4. F44 – Justin McRee
  5. 11 – Cruz Skinner
  6. 95 – Brandon Williams
  7. 17Jr – Tyler Wood
  8. K37 – Drew Kennedy
  9. 14 – Wil Herrington
  10. 17R – Brad Skinner
  11. C66 – Donald Johns
  12. 00 – Ben Garner
  13. 05 – TJ Brittain
  14. 19 – Marcus Minga
  15. H17 – Steven Holcomb
  16. 6H – Jimmy Halford
  17. 4 – Joe Mike
  18. 73 – Ashley Newman
  19. 212 – Josh Putnam
  20. 18 – Matt Cooper
  21. 87 – Jake Rainey
  22. 1 – Jason Markewitz
  23. J8 – Jadon Frame
  24. 25 – Chase Walls
  25. 29 – Christian Hanger


BoydBilt Fabrication Qualifying Results

  1. 95 – Brandon Williams 104
  2. J8 – Jadon Frame 125
  3. F44 – Justin McRee 128
  4. 05 – TJ Brittain 153
  5. 29 – Christian Hanger 173
  6. 11 – Spencer Hughes 240
  7. 66 – Jake Knowles 245
  8. 11 – Cruz Skinner 299
  9. 17Jr – Tyler Wood 303
  10. 25 – Chase Walls 304
  11. C6 – Oakley Johns 321
  12. 18 – Matt Cooper 323
  13. 87 – Jake Rainey 352
  14. 212 – Josh Putnam 419
  15. 73 – Ashley Newman 460
  16. K37 – Drew Kennedy 470
  17. 6H – Jimmy Halford 585
  18. 17R – Brad Skinner 614
  19. 1A – Levi Ashby 617
  20. 00 – Ben Garner 654
  21. 19 – Marcus Minga 724
  22. 1 – Jason Markewitz 820
  23. C66 – Donald Johns 836
  24. 4 – Joe Mike 933
  25. H17 – Steven Holcomb 953
  26. 63W – Dennis Bush 283
  27. 63 – Jeremy Greenway 334
  28. 14 – Wil Herrington NT


KRC Power Steering Heat Race #1 Finish (Top 7 Transfer)1. C6 – Johns, 2. 87 – Rainey, 3. 17Jr – Wood, 4. 6H – Halford, 5. 19 – Minga, 6. 73 – Newman, 7. C66 – Johns, 8. H17 – Holcomb, 9. 63 – Greenway, 10. 1A – Ashby


KRC Power Steering Heat Race #2 Finish (Top 7 Transfer)1. 18 – Cooper, 2. 25 – Walls, 3. K37 – Kennedy, 4. 212 – Putnam, 5. 1 – Markewitz, 6. 14 – Herrington, 7. 00 – Garner, 8. 17R – Skinner, 9. 4 – Mike, 10. 63W – Bush


BoydBilt Fabrication Fast Time: Brandon Williams – 15.104

Provisionals: Holcomb and B. Skinner

Lead Changes: 2

Lap Leaders: Williams – 1-9; Hanger – 10; Williams – 11-47; Knowles 48-50

Cautions: 5

Margin of Victory: 0.092 seconds

Time of Race: 39 minutes, 27 seconds

Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Hard Charger: Brad Skinner (Started 24th finished 10th)

Cruise With the Champions Rookie of the Race: Cruz Skinner

FullMoon Graphics 7th Place Award: Tyler Wood

TireSkinz 8th Place Award: Drew Kennedy

Keyser Manufacturing Hard Luck Award: Christian Hanger


Top 10 in Durrence Layne DLMS National Points:

  1. Jake Knowles – 1124
  2. Cruz Skinner – 1070
  3. Wil Herrington – 986
  4. Oakley Johns – 970
  5. Tyler Wood – 950
  6. TJ Brittain – 936
  7. Marcus Minga – 882
  8. Jake Rainey – 866
  9. Jadon Frame – 642
  10. Donald Johns – 612


Durrence Layne Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is the Official Title Sponsor of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.

Chevrolet Performance is Official PowerTrain of the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.

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Knowles Race Parts and Bodies is the Official Parts Supplier of Durrence Layne Racing and presenter of the Hard Charger of the Race Award.

KRC Power Steering is the Official Power Steering of Durrence Layne Racing.

Cruise with the Champions is the Official Vacation and Rookie of the Year Sponsor for the Series.

FullMoon Graphics is the Official Wrap and Sign company of Durrence Layne Racing.


Contingency Sponsors Include: VP Racing Lubricants, TireSkinz, FullMoon Graphics, Keyser Manufacturing, KRC Power Steering


2019 Chassis Sponsors are Warrior Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, GRT Race Cars, and CVR Race Cars.